The Registered Tax Pro Directory and the accompanying Latino Tax Pro Screening are cooperative efforts between Latino Tax Pros and Backgrounds Online, created to help tax professionals and individuals in the tax preparation industry consolidate their background screening efforts and ultimately maximize efficiency within their field. Need more information? Contact us.
The Registered Tax Pro Directory offers tax professionals a simple method of obtaining background screening and reaching a larger group of people with a visible directory listing. A directory listing lets an individual gain industry notoriety by listing their services, licenses, location and contact information, thus opening up a new business funnel and becoming easier for those in need of financial guidance to locate.
Background screening, scoring, and Directory approval typically takes 3-5 business days to complete. However, due to the thorough nature of the screening process, turnaround times can vary.
Backgrounds Online obtains your approval to conduct your background screening, then performs a comprehensive review for potential criminal records. Once complete, your screening results are compared to the SPW scoring criteria to determine your status. Upon successfully completing the background check, you'll provide your desired directory listing information to gain further visibility in the tax preparation industry.